There are many variations about details of the group, with more extreme theories claiming it is a satanic cult.

One of the groups that feel Trump is an Illuminati member is The Conspiracy Zone.

The website says he uses hand symbols that prove his allegiance and say the new president is a competent “mind controller”.

The Conspiracy Zone website “We know that Trump is a mind control programmer.

“If his ego takes him down a road the globalists don’t want him to go, expect him to receive the same end that came to Kennedy.”

The website members also said JFK was a member of the Illuminati, and was assassinated thanks to defecting or speaking out of line.

They aren’t the only ones to link Trump with the cult.

Last September, Janis and Gregory Kaighn filed a lawsuit against Trump just before he won the election saying: “Donald Trump is ineligible to run for president because he is plainly a member of the New World Order.”

David Icke, who shot to fame as a BBC Grandstand presenter and now hosts conferences on his theories such as the Illuminati conspiracy theory, also agrees with Trump’s affiliation.

He called the group the Hidden Hand, and claims they are reptiles in disguise as humans.

He said: “It is not difficult to manipulate choice if you control what those choices are going to be and the choices were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“I think that Trump will be a disaster for those that have put their faith in Trump and they will be disappointed by his time in the White House.

He also said that it doesn’t matter who is charge ultimately, as the Hidden Hand control the country’s leader.

However, there are conspiracy theorists who think Trump is genuinely an outsider and has gone against the Illuminati when he was selected to be president.

Writer Cory Scarola, however, explored the theory that Trump is fully in charge of the group.

Writing on he said: “Depending on to whom, if anyone, you decide to give credence, Trump is either an Illuminati agent or a New World Order ringleader.

“In either case, conspiracists say his victory in the 2016 election presents a grave threat to the future of American democracy.

“But perhaps more interesting than the theories themselves is the fact that they appear to align in spirit with the feelings many Americans had in the wake of the election: that it was the result of forces we didn’t fully understand until it was too late to reverse them.”

We previously shared how conspiracy theorists claims Donald Trump’s ‘secret’ hand signals ‘prove he’s in the Illuminati’.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump’s inner circle were all spotted wearing pizza-shaped pins sparking bizarre Illuminati and Nazi theories.

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