Se_x is often all about how you feel and striking the right chord can often be quite tricky. But by whispering the perfect lines into your woman’s ears can be the difference between good and great se_x. So guys, listen up, here are the 10 things women want to hear while in bed with you.

1. I love your lips: Kissing is often the most crucial factor when it comes to whether or not the encounter will progress to se_x. So telling her how wonderfully supply, succulent and gorgeous her lips feel against yours is the right way to heat things up. The compliment will not only help make her feel great but it will also urge her to move things along to the next level.

2. Hmm…you smell so good: In most cases compliments will take you far, and telling her that she smells great is one way to earn bonus points especially between the sheets. What’s more, women love to see their men in pleasure especially if they are the reason for it. So guys, feel her and take all of her in, she will love watching you lose yourself to her.

3. You are so se_xy: Women love it when the man they are with compliment them. The feeling that their partner appreciates them not only helps make them feel a little more secure about the way they look nak_ed, but it also b0lsters their ego. So guys, compliment your lady and watch her get ready for a lot more between the sheets.

4. You look stea_ming hot in that: When it is a special night women often try to make it special by dressing for their man. So telling her that she has blown your mind with what she is wearing or how great she feels will definitely validate all the effort she has taken to be in the moment. But apart from that telling her exactly what you like and how you want it helps her know that she is headed in the right direction. As a bonus you get to have some great foreplay and se_x. CONTINUE READING ON THE NEX PAGE

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