Everyone likes mocking that mate who posts ridiculous photos to Facebook, using the kinds of hashtags that are ripe for the picking.

The same goes for Instagram, and even if you’re setting your profile to private you know there’s someone on the inside who’s going to spread the love.

And then there’s WhatsApp, which is generally a place people feel a little safer sharing pictures you wouldn’t want to make public.

Spare a thought then for a certain Margaret, who made a real blooper in the privacy of a WhatsApp group. That group consisted of all the hockey parents at her child’s school, and that blooper was sending a picture of her vag.ina meant for her husband Chris.

We’re not going to show the picture, because I think you can imagine what a vag.ina looks like. Imagine the shock when a conservative Afrikaans town sees something like this blow up though, and worse yet when it then spreads far and wide to forums around the country.

Are we all so detached from other people these days, that we are happy spreading images like this to everyone in our contact list?

I’ve heard of mothers and fathers spreading these images around like it’s some big joke – sure, there are cheap laughs to be had, but I wonder how everyone would feel if the shoe was on the other foot?

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