The star, who plays the role of Cookie Lyon on popular drama series Empire, touched down in South Africa on Sunday and decided to share her love for the country and the African continent in an Instagram post.

"#Mood #SouthAfrica #TheMotherLand #BlackIsFuckinBeautiful #ProudBlackWoman right here. They tried to bury us and erase our history #IMPOSSIBLE," she wrote.

But it seems that not everyone was feeling the love. One fan took to the comments section of the post to call out Taraji, labelling her a 'black racist.'

"All women are beautiful, not just black women. Empower beauty in all women, not just your race, #BlackRacist," one user wrote.

His comments sparked a massive debate that saw several fans clash in the comments section, which amassed over 1800 comments.

Eventually, Taraji stepped in to shut down the whole conversation with this stinging rebuke that wouldn't be out of place for her character on Empire.

"#ShutDownDora and go somewhere and be proud of who YOU are. What does celebrating MY BLACK beauty have to do with being a racist? You are ignorant and clueless. Maybe chill on the steroids. It's affecting your small lil pea brain! FOH CHUMP!!!," she wrote.

She ended off her rant by criticising the user's bio and calling him a b*tch.

"BTW you label yourself King TRUE KINGS DON'T get in their feelings, KAWEENS DO #ByeBitch,"


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