When a farmer (name withheld) received an anonymous SMS telling him there are people plotting to rob and possibly murder him on Saturday evening he did not take it lightly.

When he reported the matter to the police he was told there is nothing police can do about an SMS and the best he could do is call the police if someone is trespassing into his property.

The police station is 35 KM from his farm meaning even if he report and intruder to the police by the time they arrived the intruders will be through with their evil work and he might be dead by the that time.

The farmer disappoint by the way the police are handling the threat he went back home to work on his plan, an ambush. He also told other farmers to come for his rescue if they heard gun shots. The farmer and his son hid on either sides of their house with their guns ready and wait for the attackers.

    “I almost went back in to the house at around 1 am thinking maybe the police where right I shouldn’t worry about an SMS but my son convinced me to stay for two more hours before we go back in to join the rest of the family, my wife and younger children”
    According to the farmer at around 3:30 an SUV packed outside the gate of his property and 5 armed man marched towards his house. They stopped at the door and the leader seemed to be briefing each other and that’s when the farmer opened fire and four of the robbers fall to the ground dead and one who only got shot on the shoulder surrendered.

It turned out only two of them where armed with 9mm pistols. the others where only armed with knives and a bull-cutter. To the farmer surprise one of the robbers was his part-time worker. “I was shocked that one of them was my employee, Now I believe someone who knows me sold him and his gang out thus saving my life”. Said the farmer.

He then called the police who arrived 5 hours later. He also called the neighboring farmers while he drag the survivor out to the road where the escape car was parked and proceed to stone him, other farmers arrived and help stone the robber and by the time the police arrived he was dead. “I did it for other farmers who died in the hands of criminals and I’m hoping this serve as a warning to other criminals”

The farmer was not charged and he said he is not even thinking about leaving his farm. “I will just always stay ready this is my home”.

Source: Gossipmillsa

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