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As you make your way into their home, you could be forgiven for thinking the Hartleys are the happiest family around the Fleurhof area, southwest of Joburg.

This is where you find Junaid Hartley's father, Omar.

Omar (62) has witnessed the rise and fall of his eldest son, and as he pages through the family albums, he sees pictures of him alongside Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs.

He knew his son was destined for greatness, but Junaid was lured into the world of drugs and is still battling to recover.

Once touted as the next big thing in South African football, Hartley junior (38) is a shadow of his former self, following the death of his career to substance abuse.

He is back in a rehabilitation centre in Florida to fix his life, once and for all.

He has admitted to taking Methcathinone - a psychoactive stimulant known as CAT that is usually snorted, smoked, injected or taken orally - and Crystal Meth, a potent central nervous system stimulant.

"You lose your mind, looks, teeth and then your family," Hartley junior once said.

But despite everything, Omar doesn't sound surprised that Junaid has relapsed.

"The fact that he lost so much is getting to him. He hides behind these things [drugs]. It makes him forget what he had, what he lost, and how many children he has because it makes him not even be responsible anymore."

Omar, in warning the nation, has embraced the media and welcomed us into his home to send his message that "enough is enough".

"The nation has to protect its best talent by dealing harshly with the drug lords," Omar said.

Seemingly agitated, Omar said it was time for the nation to take the fight to the "thieves", in reference to druglords.

"We have to try to get more people aboard and more people to talk about it. The parents that know must speak to the ones that don't know."

According to Omar, the druglords have a free reign in the country.

"Enough is enough. We must have some sort of law in place to stop the merchant, the drug runner, and it stops the guy who is using these thing," Omar said.

"If it takes a death sentence to stop this thing, so be it."

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