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My boyfriend of 3 years committed suicide last week; just 2 weeks after our official break up. I broke up with him because I was not happy at all. He always emotionally controlled me. He was too possessive saying he loved me. I loved him too but only for the first year. Since 2nd year only I know how I felt in the relationship. He used to threaten me with suicide everytime I tried breaking up. Last month I tried breaking up with him twice but he threatened suicide and i'd always give in.

Although he never really had the guts. We are 20. And this is a crucial year academically for our careers. He used to be a brilliant student but since this relationship, he kept me a priority which I never supported and I encouraged him to study and he never let me study. It bugged him when I kept my academics prior to him. I ruined many of my exams because of him. He used to get mad at me for so small issues. I didn't reply to his I love you texts if I was busy. I didn't say I love you whenever I was in a hurry and I was the one who always tried to avoid fighting with him!

He was not a perfect boyfriend either. But I never complained because I didn't want to fight!

And now when I finally decided to care for my life and future , I broke up with him. I mean he was always super depressed most of the time because he had lousy parents who never cared for him, thats what he told me I never met them and so he emptionally dependent on me which is not healthy.

But is this really my fault? Should I feel guilty for choosing my life over him? I really need help right now.

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