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AN evil laugh at night, sounding like a scene from a horror movie, suddenly stones are thrown at homes and scurrying for cover has become regular in a section of Mabulana village in Bolobedu, outside Modjadjiskloof in Limpopo.

In the morning, evidence to this is destroyed houses and a few injured people in the community nursing wounds. Six houses on the same line have been affected by these mysterious attacks for about a week.

Leah Khuthadzo, one of the affected residents is afraid she might die. To save her life she intends to move out of her home.

"I'm afraid of living in my own house. These things want me dead, what if when I'm sleeping I get hit by a stone? I don't know how I'm going to sleep in my house today," she said.

A shared belief by the affected residents is that it's an act of witchcraft.

"Every day from 6pm to 6am we get these sporadic attacks. We know goblins are responsible for this and we live in fear because someone decided to unleash his things on us. We need a powerful prophet to chase these things away," said a woman who identified herself as MaMpofu.

Leah is probably the most affected.

"I was at a church conference when I received a call from my children that a fire started at home and gutted down a curtain. They said the fire came out of nowhere," said Leah.

She prayed for an answer but that's when she experienced its wrath first hand.

"As I was praying, a metal object emerged from nowhere and struck my hands but I continued praying then it started breaking windows and one of the broken windows hit my foot, that's why I can't walk properly," she added.

The residents appealed for help from prophets who can put their woes to an end.

"We are asking for any prophet out there who can solve this problem once" said MaMpofu.

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