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Dancer and socialite Zodwa Wabantu is not welcome to perform in Zimbabwe because her act does not conform to local morals, President Mugabe has said.

Zodwa - born Zodwa Rebecca Libram - was scheduled to perform in Harare last week but her performance was cancelled at the 11th hour following a mutual agreement with the show promoters. Another show in Mutare was also cancelled.

The President made his remarks after officially opening a Community Information Centre during his campaign rally yesterday.

"Who is that lady, who wanted to come here without panty?," he said in reference to the dancer who brags about not wearing underwear.

"So man can see you? no, I'm sorry. We disappointed many men, those who are complaining. I heard that they wanted her to come. Those are the thoughts we don't want, let that happen only where she comes from, let it remain there ."

Zodwa's planned tour had been under the spotlight since Zimbabwe's then Acting Tourism Minister Patrick Zhuwawo reportedly said the South African entertainer could not perform in Zimbabwe.

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