WHEN HIS sister told him she had been raped by their pastor, he started searching for the facts.

But his quest for proof allegedly caused him to be beaten and accused of trying to destroy the church tent.


The 34-year-old man from Kagiso, Gauteng told Daily Sun that when his sister told him she had been raped by their pastor, he vowed to make the man of God pay for his sin. But he never expected he would almost die in the process.

At first the 28-year-old woman, who was a choir leader and lived with the 40-year-old pastor and his wife, didn’t say anything but then she broke her silence. She told her brother what had happened and they went to the Kagiso cops on 15 February to open a case.

The pastor was arrested but later released.

Last Tuesday, the church tent was set on fire and burnt to the ground.

Accusing fingers pointed at the brother.

“I work night shift as a security guard and could not have been in the church at the time,” he said.

“When I got back from work I received calls from members accusing me of setting the tent on fire.”

He said he was advised to open a case of intimidation because he was being threatened.

He went to a police station but was not allowed to open a case.

“They said I hadn’t been attacked,” said the man.

But outside the police station a van arrived and men jumped out and grabbed him.

“They started assaulting me and saying I had burnt the church,” he said.

“They forced a cloth into my mouth so I couldn’t call out and took me to the graveyard.”

There they started beating him and he thought he was going to die.

When a guard at the graveyard arrived, he was taken him to the pastor so he could apologise and confess to burning down the church.

“But when we got to the church, police came to my rescue and saved me,” he said.

The brother is living in fear and his sister is in hiding.

The brother said the pastor is their cousin.

“I’m shocked at his behaviour.

“He wanted me to pay for his crimes. All I want is to see justice being done.”

Police spokesman Captain Solomon Sibiya confirmed that cases of rape and arson has been opened.

“The pastor was charged with rape and appeared in court. He was released on warning pending investigations. Only after investigations are complete will he appear again.” – Daily Sun

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