facebook Share on Facebook US president announced today that he will be sending more troops to South Africa to help stabilize the country.

“The troops will not leave South Africa until the bad unruly president is removed, I’ve heard the complaints of South African citizens who fear that their country will be like their neighbour Zimbabwe if the current president does not step down”

I’m sending more troops to South Africa, if Jacob Zuma does not step down he will end up like Saddam and Gaddafi

A set of 3000 soldiers landed in Northern Cape today beside the 1000 soldiers who had been in the country for a few weeks. Trump plans to have 80 000 soldiers and other resources in the country before the end of August.

When the first 1000 soldiers arrived in the country it was revealed that they are here for a friendly exercise with SANDF. But now they have set a huge base near Upington.

Now the real question is do South Africa need USA to save us from Zuma?

Source: Gossipmillsa

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