facebook Share on Facebook While speaking at the memorial of Mokoena in Soweto today, her friend revealed that she was not dating Mantsoe at the time of her death.

Instead Mokoena had spent time chatting to her friend right up until a few days before her death. She seemed fine and was reachable on her cellphone, her friend said. When she called her over the weekend, Mokoena said she had met her ex and wasn’t doing well after the surprise encounter.

“On Monday she sent me a text and said, ‘Oh, by the way, I’ve seen my ex.’ She was telling me that she was not okay. So we were chatting and I remembered I called her on Wednesday evening and I asked her what’s wrong.

“She just said ‘my friend, eish’ and she hung up. I picked up the phone and tried to call her again and I knew there was a problem. Something was wrong, she was not picking up the phone and responding to any of my texts thereafter.”

The friend added that Mokoena had told her about the type of man she had wanted to date and she described him as tall, with an amazing body, quiet and reserved. Seemingly she had thought she met a man who fitted her description of an ideal man in Mantsoe.

Mokoena’s memorial service is currently underway in Diepkloof, Soweto. Hundreds have gathered to pay tribute to the 22-year old who was found dead on April 29. Her body was burnt beyond recognition. Mantsoe has denied being responsible for her death, saying he found her dead in his Sandton apartment and in a state of panic proceeded to set her corpse alight and dump it in Lyndhurst.

Mantsoe is set to appear in court on May 24.

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