facebook Share on Facebook Facebook celebs and controversy go together like peanut butter and jelly — but, what happens when it goes too far? An incredible amount of backlash from fans. A woman who goes by the name Xyanne Baker has pulled yet another racial slur and has since gone viral. This comes after she posted on her facebook page asking people if she can 'get AIDS from swimming in a pool with blacks'.

She further explained her ordeal, saying she was at the pool and a black family got in the pool and she had to 'go out immediately' for the fear of her life and thought they stole her phone and money. Check out  her post and a screenshot below:

Xyanne Baker

Can I get AIDS from swimming in a pool with blacks?
I was in the pool today, and a black family got in. I immediately got out and checked inside of my shoe to see if they stole my wallet or phone. A few minutes later, my eyes got all red and watery. Did they give ne the AIDS?

Some people find it funny while others are calling it an outrage. Tell us what you think about this.

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