Jealous tokoloshe throws stones whenever a couple is having sex!

Jealous tokoloshe throws stones whenever a couple is having sex! FOR the past four years, Isaac Nkabinde (62) and his wife Emelia have been dreading going to sleep or having sex as a couple in the evening.

Every night they are jolted from their slumber as a stone lands with a loud BANG! on their shack's roof… And then the nightmares starts as the seemingly jealous tokoloshe lets more stones rain on the shack- until 2am!

"This thing is driving us crazy," said Isaac from Endicot just outside Devon, Gauteng.

He told the People's Paper that they've often rushed outside only to find no one around except the night's darkness. The couple consulted sangomas who told them the stones were being tossed by a tokoloshe.

They showed the news team the stones, some looking as though they have been darkened with black ash which the couple believes is muthi. Isaac said he wished at times that he could sell the yard and move away.

"But we don't have an alternative place to stay and are forced to suffer. I really don't know when this agony will stop. We don't have peace. Every night stones rain on our shack. It looks like the thing is targeting our bedroom," he said.

His wife Emelia said she couldn't take the tokoloshe's torture anymore.

"We've consulted sangomas but we're not getting any help."

Isaac said they suspected jealous people were sending them the tokoloshe.

"As soon as we buy anything fancy we don't sleep at night," said Isaac.

He climbed onto the roof of his shack on Sunday to collect stones that were thrown on top – and could fill up a 20 litre bucket!

Sangoma Thoko Ndlela said it was indeed possible for a tokoloshe to toss stones on the roof of a house or shack.

"They do this to test the waters . . ." said Ndlela.

"We need help," said Isaac.

"We live in fear because we don't know the intentions of the people who are sending us this tokoloshe," he added.

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