facebook Share on Facebook Durban -  A  teenager has reportedly committed suicide because according to his suicide note, his “Tito Mboweni s.u.c.k.s”.

19 year old Siyabonga Maselele was found dead in his bedroom floor Monday night. Authorities arrived after Maselele’s house after neighbors called for emergency, reporting unusual activity in Siyabonga’s room through his bedroom window.

Durban police described the scene as “sad”. Durban police officer told reporters: “It was sad, the guy killed himself because of a song. Apparently the kid hated the song ‘Tito Mboweni’ by Cassper Nyovest, and was angry that he [Cassper] was seen with his girlfriend in the video. Unbelievable”.

Authorities revealed that Siyabonga’s method of suicide was ingestion of a deadly combination of pills, after finding multiple empty pill containers on the floor. Authorities also discovered a suicide note on Siyabonga’s bedroom desk, which read:

“It’s time for me to leave this world, Cassper said i can take your b!t.ch and he clealy did it just because he's rich, I hate him with a passion and his music s.u.c.k.s anyways. Take care y’all.”

Siyabonga’s family is devastated by his death. Siyabonga’s mother refused to speak to reporters about her son’s death, all she told reporters is that “Cassper is Satan”.

Source: SA Latest Satire

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