facebook Share on Facebook “My d!_ck pics are for female’s eyes only. Just because he dress like a b!tch don’t make him a woman.” -  Aaron.

Aaron Moloisi blocked Somizi after he favorited all of the presenter's famous underwear d!_ck pics that he loves to share on Instagram.

Moloisi is blessed with a huge package and he is always seen posting thirst traps' on his instagram page. He recently caused a commotion on Instagram mainly with women after posting a picture of himself in the gym showing his extremely BIG bulge.
“Somizi should understand some of us are not into this sh!t, aint judging nobody but dude just keep your distance..”

 Aaron says he’s willing to unblock Somizi, but only if he stops wearing thongs under his skinny jeans and also threatened to leak the messages Somizi has been sending in his inbox.


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