facebook Share on Facebook A 13-year-old girl saved herself from a rapist by biting his pe.nis.

The young primary school girl was raped by her father’s gardener on Tuesday afternoon after school. According to the little girl she came home from school and decided to take a swim when the gardener came and pulled her out of the water and drag her to a tool shed where he took off her swimming costume and raped her.

The pedophile was about to rape her again when she figured the only way to save herself was to fight back because her parents wouldn’t be home for another four hours. The brave girl said she bit his pe.nis as hard as she can, the rapist pen.is almost fell off.

After the girl told her neighbor who called the police the rapist was long gone. The police searched the neighborhood unsuccessfully.
He later called the police to come and fetch him near waterkloof golf club when he couldn’t bear the pain any more.

The rapist a 38-year-old Tendai Mukwaiwa a Zimbabwean national was a family trusted gardener for three years and they allowed him to stay in the tool shed when ever he want. Mr Van Rensburg the girl’s father said he trusted Tendai. “He was a friendly person and I trusted him with my children and knew they were safe if he is around, right now I want to kill him with my own hands”

A social worker who is counseling the teenager said the girl is the bravest person she had ever helped. Police are warning residence to always put the safety of their children first.

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