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UMHLOBO Wenene FM presenter Phumzile Zonke shocked everyone at the station when he tendered his resignation earlier this month.

According to a source close to the situation, a report claiming that Phumzile was shown the door is not true.

An insider at the SABC with knowledge of the situation claims that Phumzile resigned from Umhlobo Wenene FM due to harassment.

"He got tired of being harassed by his colleagues. They always found fault in him by criticising his presenting skills. The poor guy always had to defend himself," the source claims.

The source says the Jaiva Mzantsi host was gatvol and tendered his resignation.

"He was not fired; he resigned. He got to a point where he couldn’t take it any longer. Management tried to talk him out of it," the source says.

DEALING WITH JEALOUSY The insider also alleges that a number of Phumzile’s colleagues were jealous of him.

"They didn’t like the fact that he also has a day job at the SABC other than being a radio presenter. He works for SABC1 as a creative director and acting on-air manager," says the source.

Another factor that can be attributed to his resignation, according to our insider, is that Phumzile has always done the evening shows, which are used as a platform for presenters to prove themselves.

"He never got a promotion since he joined the station in 2007 and that could have been another frustration for him," the insider says.

Further reports said the veteran presenter was mocked by female workmates who allegedly laughed at his PEN!S size and claimed that it was because of his 'bedroom worm' that created problems between himself and his lover.

"They also made fun of his troubled relationship with former Generations actress Zukisa Matola," claims the insider.

Phumzile and Zukisa, who have a daughter together, are reportedly separated. Their relationship was further strained by financial troubles, and reports claim that Phumzile was tired of being the sole provider.

At the time, the Port Elizabeth-born radio personality was quoted by a newspaper report saying, "When someone goes through a rough time, it affects the relationship. We’ve been estranged for over two years. The relationship is not great. She doesn’t talk a lot, but she’d lock herself in her room and cry. I provided her with options to try other things like starting a business. She started sleeping in a separate bedroom. She still drives my car even though things aren’t okay. We’ve grown apart."

Zukisa declined to comment on the matter. If Phumzile's social media accounts are anything to go by, then the pair has broken up and the leading lady in his life is their daughter. The handson father is not shy to gloat just about anything he does with his daughter. Phumzile agreed to do an interview with us regarding his resignation.

However, when we contacted him to conduct the interview, he did not respond. Attempts to get comment from Umhlobo Wenene also drew a blank.

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