Durban -  A  teenager has reportedly committed suicide because according to his suicide note, his “Tito Mboweni s.u.c.k.s”.

19 year old Siyabonga Maselele was found dead in his bedroom floor Monday night. Authorities arrived after Maselele’s house after neighbors called for emergency, reporting unusual activity in Siyabonga’s room through his bedroom window.

Durban police described the scene as “sad”. Durban police officer told reporters Add a comment

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“My d!_ck pics are for female’s eyes only. Just because he dress like a b!tch don’t make him a woman.” -  Aaron.

Aaron Moloisi blocked Somizi after he favorited all of the presenter's famous underwear d!_ck pics that he loves to share on Instagram.

Moloisi is blessed with a huge package and he is always seen posting thirst traps' on his instagram page. He recently caused a commotion on Instagram mainly with women after posting a picture of himself in Add a comment

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Minister of basic education Angie Motshekga said she want to help dropouts get employment by giving them matric certificates as long as they can read and write.

“I sat down with the president and sell him my idea and he gave me a green light, he actually called it a brilliant way to give unemployed youth hope so they can stop protesting and committing crimes every day.” Said a very excited Angie Motshekga.

“It’s up to them whether they want to go to college after Add a comment

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According to the deceased’s boyfriend,a 21-year-old girl from Mpumalanga was left with no option but to take her own life after a video of her mastur_bating found its way to the social media without her knowledge.

The boyfriend added that the girl (name withheld) was shocked to learn of the video’s virality on Facebook after one of her friends alerted her to search a certain Facebook group where the video was being circulated.

”She called me in the wee hours of

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After centuries of hangover remedies that don’t seem to work, the manufactures of Hansa Pilsener have come up with a solution that will help cure the dreaded hangover.

Introducing Hansa Hangover Bread. Yes. Hansa has come up with a new dough mixture that has proved to be a hit among those with hangovers.

However, traditional hangover remedies are often ineffective, and some of them may actually make you feel worse. Not Hansa Bread. This specially made bread has the perfect mixture Add a comment

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Four million rand was transferred to the municipality account from the main Knysna relief fund, It was later withdrawn and the cash was apparently stored in a safe in the municipal office.

Knysna mayor Eleanore Bouw-Spies said the deputy municipal manager told her the money was withdrawn to have funds available quickly to pay small invoices and buy refreshments from vendors during meetings.

Only three people have access to the room where the safe is kept and only two have the combination. Add a comment

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Rapper Nasty C, famous for his recent hit singles “Hell Naw”, and “Good Girls”. It’s not a secret that Nasty C apparently loves se.x, considering that’s basically the only thing he talks about in his music… or does he really enjoy se.x as much as you think he does? New reports are confirming that, ironically, Nasty C is actually still a virgin.

It’s no secret that Nasty C’s music is pretty expl!cit. If you’ve heard any Nasty C Add a comment

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GUNMAN has been laid to rest but his wife is rumoured to have been arrested.

The late Gunman's family claims it suspicious that he killed himself while packing his bags to leave his allegedy abusive fiancee, Cynthia Khumalo hence they have since reported a crime according to an online tabloid. The source claims Gunman's wife have been arrested.


Speaking at their house in Mofolo Add a comment

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South African most decorated rapper Cassper Nyovest has been shot and it is believed that his bentley has been stolen.

According to reports the rapper who was shot was on his way to his home.

Narrating the incident to our reporter was Cassper’s manager who said the scene was like an action movie and didn’t know what actually the gang were after.

‘’We were almost few kilometres away from our hotel when we were attacked by this unknown gunmen. They asked for our Add a comment

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Actress and socialite, Ntando Duma was expecting her bundle of joy has opened up about how the agony of losing a baby has impacted her life.

Speaking to our source, the actress explained her ordeal as heartbreaking.

"Going  through a miscarriage, is pretty obviously upsetting,” she said.

"I didn’t even really think about anything going wrong ... I knew that ... anyone can miscarriage, it’s hugely common. I never thought it would happen to mind Add a comment

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Apparently mofaya is adding addictive substances namely cocaine to the energy drinks to get customers addicted to the drink.
Several employees including two soccer players who used to love the apple flavoured energy drink got fired after failing drug test with a positive of cocaine.

    I was just drinking mofaya on Sunday and the next thing im fired for drug abuse on Monday…I smoked weed once in high school but cocaine? Cocaine?

Cried Xolani Khumalo after getting Add a comment

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“Ni**as shouldn’t be working on the day Cairo the baby of a King was born. Yall been waiting on this ya whole life” –  Said AKA about his daughter Cairo’s birthdate.

AKA says people shouldn’t ever work on his daughter’s birthdate and he wants it to be a mandatory holiday where employers let all South Africans take the day off.

“Believe it or not. ima quit rap music until they make my daughter's birthday a public holiday, yall need Add a comment

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The hip and happening Babes wodumo who is the hit maker of wololo has been caught up in a $_ex drama.

People are quick to judge and forget that even celebrities are human and they sure live a normal life as well.

So what if Babes Wodumo's $e× tape leaked? She's a human being doing humanly things. As women sometimes we tend to take the excitement to a bit of the extreme but not expecting the entire world to know especially if it's something as personal as a $_ex tape.
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Johannesburg – In a developing rumor that a South African record producer and DJ Black Coffee was involved in a se_x tape with 2 women believed to be based in Soweto, the tape has been leaked and confirms the rumors. The flamboyant Dj is seen laying on his back as one of the women get on top and get ready to ride.

The recording has left popular Dj’s fans in shock but the more shocking thing was that the Dj was having unprotected se_x with these women. His fans were furious with Add a comment

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President Jacob Zuma who described the Knysna fire as “worst disaster I have ever experienced” donated only R450 to help the victims of the disaster.

When Zuma announced his personal donation people were happy as they obviously thought he meant R450 000. The head of the relief fund later announced and thanked the president for the R450 cheque.

Jacob Zuma had visited Knysna, Standing on a hill in Knysna Heights on today‚ President Jacob Zuma described the scene that Add a comment

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