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One night my parents were going away so they left my 19 year old sister in charge, straight after they left she told me to go to my room after 1 hour i heard loud screams coming from downstairs i rushed downstairs only too see my sister and her boyfriend having s ex on the couch.

I felt wet seeing them the sitting room was also covered in beer cans then before i made it upstairs my sisters boyfriend saw me he got up and grabbed my hand and asked me to join in no i said and i tried to run but he held me there he callled my sister over they were both very drunk. then he told my sister to hold me still so she did. He pulled down my pants and knickers and teased my punany with his tongue then toke off all my clothes and put them in the bin the 3 of us were all fully nak3d he felt my b00bs making me really w et.

He then stopped and then asked me again if i wanted to join but i said no. Then suddenly he pushed me on the couch and said are you sure, i said no by mistake then he stared humping me i was really enjoying it then my sister joined in then he put his d!ck in me and went 90 i was enjoying it then he said now leave i ran to my room and cried even though i liked it does this mean i am a slut or what? I need advice and now i want to have s ex again i think i have a problem. Please give advice
Please i am 14

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