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hi...i'm a 17 yr old girl.

some days ago, i was alone at home and my bro's best friend dropped in. he's 21 and i have had a crush on him from the time i can remember. i held him back in conversation and flirted with him a little. i only intented to be a bit naughty with him but it led to a lot of things and we ended up having se_x. it was my first time and though it did hurt a bit i loved every bit of it.

We met again days later and this time i had the time of my life. Am i going wrong somewhere? After that first time, almost every meeting we had ended with se_x.

It seems my being underage is a big problem with him. He was like,"i'm in for a lot of trouble for doing this girl."

What should i do? should i continue this way? i'm addicted to him in a way. please temme what to do?

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