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Okay I know tgis sounds gross but here goes!

There's a two year age gap between me and my brother I'm - 16 and he's neary 18.

My mum and dad are currently away on a business trip (they both work for the same company) and me and my brother have the house to ourselves. This morning I was in the kitchen making a smoothie and my brother came down. When he came downstairs I greeted him with a good morning hug as we always do. But he went for a shower and I didn't know which shower he was in because we have 5 showers. But he happened to be in the downstairs shower, but I walked in the shower 100% naked. But when I turned around I saw my brother. I grabbed the nearest towel and apologized ammedietly.

But he just said "it's cool babe" but then he moved his head down to his p3nis but I also looked I didn't say anything I just moved closer, he got out the shower and grabbed hold of the back of my neck ever so gently and began to kiss my lips, then he picked me up where I could feel his long hard c0ck poking in my bum crack then he took me into his bedroom and lay me on his bed and started to gently finger me. But then we ended up doing so much dirty stuff.

We had golden showers, he mast.urbated me using his hair brush, he had se.x with me against the wall and all sorts. We gad se.x for 4 hours +. It was the best se.x I've eces had but now we can't keep our hands off each other like weve just had se.x again? Me and my brother are both in love. What should I do?

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