So I've been w my husband for 4 years engaged for 2 and just recently got married 11/15 and on the 13th my husband's younger bro text me asking me for my opinion on shoes to get my husband.

I said sure but I also said why doesn't he ask his wife(his wife is my best friend) and he said because she's seas asleep.

So we were texting each other he started flirting but wasn't really for sure then the next day he said if he can get my opinion since he didn't get it that

Shocking confession via ask Aunty Lisa

My mom and dad have been drifting about for years. My dad (42) and my mom (43) married about 20 years ago.
Mom never realized her husband was a drunk. So after 23 years of bullsh*t, my mom divorced him, and took me and my little brother and we moved somewhere else.

We moved into a small house, it was really small and cramped, but it had 3 bedrooms. Mom took the master and my brother and I took the smaller bedrooms that were right next to each

Blood is thicker than water, right? This belief was put to the test when Judith met her husband’s elder brother for the first time. She’d been married to Bernard for seven years when Kingsley returned to the country after years of studying and working abroad. “Kingsley is a couple of years older than Ben and it was obvious they were very close when he finally called at the house,” explained Judith. “They spent time together watching football or going to the clubs

im a girl and im having se.x with my bf, then i farted, a proper big one. then i cracked up laughing. and cuz he was on top of me when i was laughin my normal little cute chuckle turned in to wheezin (he was layin on my chest missionary style) and a few random pig snorts from laughing so hard,

literally like 3 mins of wheezing and snortin later he ses ''uhhh... should i carry on?'' i said yeah,

so he carried on and to make up for it i thought i should be really loud about

I HAD se_x with my sister’s boyfriend. I didn’t want to but he persisted. I had been drinking and was very tired – and I truly regret it.

The guy is acting as though everything is fine and it was just one of those things but I feel so guilty about it.
I am 21 and single. My 24-year-old sister and her boyfriend, who is 29, were there. They had a bit of a tiff over something and she went home.

The boyfriend and I followed on an hour or so later and he suggested that I

I am a 45 year old married woman and have 2 kids a 16 year old son and a 12 year old daughter.

My son's 16 year old friend came over to work on a project and my son wasn't home but I let him in anyway to wait for him. I went in to check on him and i caught him mastu_rbating.
I was so h0rny ( my husband was out of town on business for a month, no se_x for a month) and he was so cute I ended up s3ducing him and having se_x with him on my son's bed.

I know this was bad but i

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ok last weekend i came back home from university to visit my parents. (they are separated) so i vistited my mom then went over to my dads. As i arrived he was coming out of his appartment and said that he was just going to his friends as he left his mobile there and was expecting a very important work call.
I said ok and told him i would wait at is appartment. He said fine and that his other friend Dave was

Popular South African news reader Nontobeko Sibisi  was pulled off air in a huff some time ago and at that moment, it was revealed that it was because of a doek during news time. But now explicit details have emerged detailing the real reason Nontobeko was pulled off air.
Now sources close to the case have alleged that Nontobeko was fired after her nu_des got leaked and the nu_des showed that she was playing with herself while on company premises using a microphone. The shocking

My boss and I have a very professional relationship which is healthy among people in offices. I treat him with respect and he does the same thing for me. We mesh well together which means we work well together thus, double the productivity. Many people think that I am a good employee and that he is a good boss. But nobody knows that behind the strong workforce and tandem that we have lie something darker, something dirtier. In fact, despite everyone knowing about the business trip that we both

Please don't freak.

I know this is super wierd.. &I can't help it.
Buuuuuuut yes i am VERY much so attracted to my brother. I don't know what to do. Were only one year apart and it seems the older he gets the more..Sexually Attracted?? I become towards him.

When we were little it wasent like this just bff's and closer than anything. Im so confused? I don't like my brother... but honestly i want to see him naked, he walks around in boxers and my mouth just drops

I'm 19 and my friend is 18 and i was invited on a family holiday with my friend and her family.

After being on this holiday for a week i started to notice that me and my friends dad (lets call him Mark) was hitting it off really well we had the same interests and taste in music and in general we just got along.
One night me and my friend (Stacy) decided to go out to this club, and the drinks were flowing and before we knew it we were both pretty drunk, after about an hour i got a text

Ok so one night I was mast_urbating and I thought no one was home. I didn't realize that my step dad was outside my door listening to me.

Anyway when I finished still thinking I was alone I walked out of my room with a bra on and nothing else. I went to the kitchen to get some water and my step dad was there. He told me he heard me and that he wanted to show me how to do it right.
He bent me over the kitchen bench and we had some wild se_x. My mum was out with her friends for a

I've had se.x with my son and I don't know what to do! Help!

Hi. I'm a 52 year old single mom and I have always been very close to my only son. I never had a new husband or boyfriend so I could devote all my energy to my son.
He just turned 16 and when he come home drunk from a night out he started touching me on my breasts and though I resisted at first I just had to give in to it (I didn't have se.x for over 16 years).

Next morning I woke up in his arms and I got away
Hi guys, please read my story and help if possible

About 10 minutes ago I heard something I wish I had not. I walked past my parents room to go to bed and then I heard my mom moaning. I stopped because I thought my mom was awake talking but apparently not can you guys share with me stories you had so I don't feel so bad also why I shouldn't be scarred or grossed out.

That may be really hard to do though. What do you think i shuld do??

OMG I will never get
A Shocking Confession Via :

She's and I worked late one night days ago and started talking about relationships. She wanted to know a lot more about me and my present situation.
The moment I told her, I wasn't involved with anyone; she asked if I wanted to be. I told her I wasn't sure but then said; ("No", I mean with me.)

I didn't know what to say and then she leaned over and kissed me. I accepted the kiss and discided to grope her body
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