facebook Share on Facebook Listen up guys: most lesbians love men. Sure, we might not fall in love with men, but we tend to love guys as friends and peers.

Some of us gay gals love playing sports with guys. Some queer women love geeking out on video games and technology with our nerdy brothers. Just like the affinity between straight women and gay men, there can be a lot of camaraderie between lesbians and straight men. We have so much in common, after all, including a passionate love for women and the desire to sexually satisfy our female lovers.

That makes us the perfect people to offer up some s.ex tips for guys. Here are five everyone should know:

1. Se.duce her entire body.
Let’s face it, women need lots of warm-up to get in the mood for se.x. Slow way down as you initiate intimacy and you’ll be able to build a much stronger er0tic charge. Give her a full body massage to sed.uce her entire body into a more relaxed, open and sensuous state. Then focus on butt massage to begin amping up the pleasure and building anticipation for more ar0usal.
Think of it like bringing a big pot of water to a boil with slow steady heat. It will take some time but once you bring her to a boil she’ll stay hot for quite awhile. Remember: pay attention to every inch of her skin!

2. Treat her breasts to skillful touch.
While you are lavishing her whole body with pleasure, don’t forget the breasts. The female breasts are profoundly sensual and er0tic, but often don’t get touched with much care. Learn how to touch her breasts with a range of massage inspired techniques so you can include more breast touch in every stage of lovemaking.

3. Master the use of your hands.
Most women don’t have org@sms from interc0urse alone. We need cli.t0ral stimulation to build arousal toward orga.sm. Remember, the cl.it0ris is the anatomical match to the pe.nis. So imagine having an org@sm without touching your pe.nis and you can understand the importance of cl.itoral stimulation.

Once you master touching her with your hands, you’ll be able to bring her to org@sm every time. Give her org@sms with your hands first, and only then move on to int3rcourse. She’ll enjoy the penetration way more once she is warmed up from your expert touch!

4. Help her learn to love 0ral se.x.
What’s better than expert use of your hands? Adding in your mouth! A lot of guys love going down on women and would do it more often if their women let them! When it comes to oral se.x, her comfort and ability to receive is just as essential as your willingness to give her oral stimulation. But many women have a lot of trouble relaxing into the pleasures of cunnilingus, so work with her to build her comfort so you can both enjoy more oral pleasure.

Many women think they are deformed down there, and hold back out of fear of being abnormal or undesirable. Before she can fully enjoy oral se.x, she needs to believe you are happy between her thighs. The first step? Convince her that you love how her genitals look, smell and taste. Praise her most intimate parts until she believes you.

5. Get comfortable with her er0tic emotions.
Has your woman ever cried after an org@sm? Has she ever started laughing uncontrollably? If so, you are not alone. Many women experience intense waves of emotion after org@sm. These emotions are sometimes expressed with tears, laughter or shaking. Learn to stay present with her full emotional expression and you’ll develop a ton of trust between you. Most of the time, it isn’t about you. So don’t get defensive or ask her to explain herself.

Just hold her tight, lie with her quietly (or give her space if she says she needs to be alone) and let her know that you adore her no matter what. Allow all of her emotions a place in your bedroom so she doesn’t feel embarrassed feeling her full range of feelings. This will allow her to let go and unleash more of her er0tic creature, bringing more passion to your lovemaking and relationship.

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