What i am about to share is based on personal experience on how to catch a cheater and how not to be caught cheating.

It will benefit both the cheater and the cheated.

1. Traces of Lipsticks: When your man comes back home, swipe his chest, nippple, neck, and pe_ni$ with a white handkerchief, if he was with a ho or side chic, depending on the type of se_xual activity he was engaged in, it will show.

Tip For Guys: To avoid this, guys, take a shower after or scrub the parts


Here are 7 signs you have to look for in a guy to know if he wants a relationship or he just wants to rumple the bed sheets at every opportunity.

He doesn’t want to meet at his place.
2. He hides you from his friends.

3. He does not want to know about your personal life.

4. He turns everything s3xual.

5. He doesn’t like to do f0replay.

6. He is so worried about you forgetting things at his


According to some very questionable statistics, it takes a woman only 30 seconds from meeting a guy to know if she’s ever going to sleep with him.

So how do girls make this decision in such short time? Here are reasons

Confidence: Every woman knows that instant attraction you get when a confident man approaches you and says hi. A confident guy is perhaps the most attractive thing in the word.

His Words: Gawd, we all hate that guy who approaches us but cannot string


In recent years, there has been a surplus of white women and black men relationships. Some will argue that this interracial relationship has been purposely promoted by the media. Some will also argue that this interracial relationship is often times dysfunctional (laziness, abuse, self hate and insecurity).

I was sent a video that was created by a YouTuber who goes by the name, MsArchDuchess. In the video she gives 18 reason why (she feels) white women date black men.

In the


Daily Buzz SA,Johannesburg -Many people are living with HlV without knowing for a long time. But, experts have provided signs to guide you to know if you have it or not.

The best way to know if you have HlV or not is to get tested! According to research, a month or two after HlV has entered their body, 40-90% of the people experience symptoms that resemble flu symptoms, and this is known as acute retroviral syndr0me (ARS).

According to HealthyLifeVision, in some cases the HIV


In the United States, about two out of every three new cases of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections in women are due to unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health. Sharing infected needles for drug use is another leading cause.

Early symptoms of HIV infection may be mild and easily unnoticed and dismissed. Unfortunately, even without noticeable symptoms, an infected person can still pass the virus on to


Hand sanitizers are one of the most widely used cosmetic products. Whenever you’re in need of a dry hand washing you reach out for this universal product and you think that you’re doing you’re doing the right thing to protect yourself from bacteria and dirt. If you’re one of the many who uses this product frequently this article will be a real eye opener and it will make you think twice next time you reach out for the hand sanitizer.

It’s no wonder they’re so ardently used, they’re


Things vir.gins discover : The wedding night for a vir.gin can cause anxiety that will make you sweat your expensive make up job right off. Se_x is a big topic whether you are a vir.gin or not, and the wedding night builds up so much anticipation that you want to just crawl into a hole and disappear and hope that your friends and family forget that you even got married. For a vir.gin, there are so many rumors that go around and unprecedented advice given before the night that you are


It is very possible to feel a tad bit intimidated when having s*x with a very b@sty woman.
You can be stumped trying to figure out where to start as soon as she takes off her bra and unleashed those babies. But you need not worry. Knowing how to get the maximum satisfaction from a big bre@sted woman is all you need to feel a lot more confident.

Beware of sens!tivity
Most men who encounter such ample bosom make the mistake of assuming the boo0bs must be extra sens!tive, when, in


Kissing is not just a foreplay move. It is a way to connect with your partner. It is a promise of what she can expect in the bedroom.
So, if you kiss her right, you are already halfway towards taking her to s*xual bliss.
If you would like to get her into bed, make sure you focus on these three kinds of kisses.

The ‘Gotta have you’ kiss:
This is when you put your mouth on hers in a desperate, passionate and urgent way. You kiss her like you cannot wait to have her in bed. The


It can’t get easier than this! Just read these 11 moves and you’ll surely know how to seduce a woman and get her in bed even before she realizes it.
Are you infatuated by a s3xy friend?
Or do you find a girl you see occasionally completely, irresistibly s3xy?
It doesn’t matter whether you know her already or she’s a complete stranger.
If you want to seduce a woman, all you need to understand are a few things about how attraction works, and learn to use it in your


Every individual has that age or point in life where the s3xual libido is the highest; they are more likely to be uninhibited and more willing to try new things.

S3xual experts have once alluded to the fact that while men reach their peak at a younger age, women do not get there until their 40’s to 50’s. Recent studies seem to agree.

The condom connoisseurs at Trojan surveyed 2,400 people between the ages of 40 and 59 about their s3x lives.
It turns out that the s3x lives of


Things that make women want to sleep with you – Since the beginning of time, women have always carried a stigma of how unbelievably indecisive they are and how nobody really quite knows the answer to the age old question: “what do women want?” Well, it’s not that women are complicated, it’s just women are not as se_xually simplistic as men according to Psychology Today.

For example, all that is needed in order for a man to be aroused is genital blood flow. Vi@gra, a medication for


These are 13 Must See HIV Symptoms..

Here are some of the signs and symptoms that may come with HIV infection:

1. Fever:

If you have practiced unprotected se_x, watch out for fevers as a symptom of HIV. Early after being infected by HIV, you may experience flu like symptoms. This can include a low grade fever that does not respond to medication. You may experience night sweats as a response to the fever. The fever is an inflammatory reaction to the virus entering your


I was about five years old when I first touched a pen.is. I didn't want to, but I did. He was a family member in his teens. We were watching television at my grandmother's house when he motioned for me to come sit on his lap. Slowly, he moved his hands up my skirt and touched my vulva. Then he moved my hand towards his crotch and had me feel him up. I didn't want to, but I did.

I was about 10 years old when I first saw a pen.is. I didn't want to, but I did. He was a random man on


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