It’s supposed to be an intimate moment between us and we would really appreciate if the ladies avoid doing this in bed. Hope it won’t be too much to ask from the ladies.

Check out the stuffs women do during se_x that men hate

1. I know the se_x could get really exciting or maybe painful but please don’t attempt slapping him on the face during se_x as it ruins it for him.

2. Every man expects to see a lovely underwear when the clothes go off. Don’t ruin it by wearing some

Cheating is frowned upon in modern society, but would it still be as condemned if it were rooted in evolutionary biology?

According to a study published in Personality and Individual Differences, switching mates was of evolutionary value to ancestral women and may predispose heterosexual women to seek alternate partners.

"Nothing in life comes with a guarantee. From an ancestral woman's perspective, hazards from the environment, other species, and importantly, other humans

There are certain things women will not tolerate during se_x and you will be do well to stay away from doing them.

Most women have a long list of ‘don’ts’ that they want their man to know. So, instead of second guessing, just read this list and read her mind the next time you both are getting intimate.

1. Sloppy music

Music is the clincher as you get set to hit the sack. As you turn down the lights and turn on a little mood music, choose what you are making your gal listen

As a man, it can be very frustrating to want to do it, and your woman doesn’t feel the same way; it gives the feeling of both anger and unattractiveness. However there’s nothing that ever happens without a reason, women don’t just turn down the opportunity to have se_x with their partner for nothing; if they do, there’s a reason why.

On this post, I’ll be listing some of those reasons and shedding light on them.


Women are humans too, they may engage themselves

While a man always reaches his peak whenever he has se_x, it’s not always that way for women.

Below are 5 reasons why some women don’t always reach their peak during se_x


Fo_replay is really important if you hope to reach your peak during se_x as a woman. Most women need at least 20 minutes of for3play before they can reach that height. So if you want to reach your peak during se_x, avoid rushing fo_replay.


P3nis size is a big issue for many men. However, most of them do not know how to get started when they want to increase their p3nile size.

There are many methods that are often used to increase the p3nis size from p3nis enlargement pills to surgeries and pumps. But the safest way to gain those extra inches is to use natural solutions. Natural solutions in this case include making dietary changes and performing p3nis enlarging exercises. Following a proper diet can have a dramatic

1. Kissing can make or break your chances of going further with her. No woman enjoys kissing a man who isn’t there mentally, does it haphazardly or a man who is blind to body language. A woman wants to be kissed like your whole existence depends on the kiss.

2. She loves looking him in the eye to see how much her man is into her. No woman likes a meek lover who won’t look her in the eye.

3. She loves it when you play with her ti_ts. Her nip_ples and are_olae are very sensitive

They say women are more scared of getting pregnant than contracting HIV/Aids.I am not sure about the authenticity of the statement,but you get the point.Women will go at extra lengths to ensure they DO NOT get pregnant.

This is a fact, since time immemorial, women have been using bizarre ways to avoid getting pregnant, Se_xually Transmitted Infection’s aside.

Here are some of the bizarre things they do to enjoy se_x without getting pregnant.

5. Squat and sneeze

Many reasons have been written before on why you should marry a Zulu woman. Here are five more reasons :

She is Not Selfish – The backbone of a lasting marriage is self-giving, selflessness. This is a higher level of commitment. I am not saying you should lose yourself and become a ‘slave’. Zulu women are raised to not be selfish, but to reciprocate love and give excessively to her family and children. I strongly feel it was Zulu women who first demonstrated “Ubuntu”. That said

Not all pe_nises are the same, and not all of them pleasure a woman the same way. There are different kinds offering different levels of pleasure.

Women revealed what they want and why :

1 The Grower. We all know this as one of the two most-prominent classifications of the pen_is. This is the more discreet type, because you never know just how long and big it can go, unless you go all the way with the guy. At first it might seem small, but rub it just a little and it grows 2 to

These days, it has become an unspoken rule for women to groom their va_gina by shaving from time to time but s_ex can actually feel better when you let it grow.

Here are 5 reasons why.

1. It can feel more sensitive:

Most women say things feel a lot more sensitive when there is no hair on your vag_ina, but that is not always the truth. Sometimes the feeling of hair on there can heighten aro_usal. Having a man lightly touch or stroke your pu_bic hair during for_eplay could

There are few things that make a woman cry and scream out your name when you are giving it to them and it is an art that has to be perfected There are a few things that EVERY woman wishes men did more of in bed and here are the top 6.

1. Giving her an orga_sm before intercourse start

The ability to give your woman an org_asm even before penetrating her has been described as the biggest thing women wish men did more of them in bed. Most men don’t do this, but instead, they

Studies have been done to find out how possible it is to extend the duration of the female or_gasm from between 6 to 30 seconds to a full minute.

1. Imagine your bedroom as an hotel room
The reason for this is that you need the place to be a complete relaxation place, a place where you can lay back and relax. If you’ve got kids, it needs to be a place where the kids cannot disturb and try as much as possible to make it romantic. The atmosphere has to make good that you can focus

Sleep paralysis is the terrifying feeling of being held down after just waking up or going to sleep.

You can’t move or scream, and sometimes this paralysis is accompanied by the certainty that someone –or something — is in the room.
Quite simply, sleep paralysis is one of the most horrifying experiences in life, because we feel awake but can’t believe what is happening to us.

The truth is, sleep paralysis is a biological event and there is nothing to be worried about. You’re

An American author named Bruce Lane this week wrote a controversial essay titled ‘Why Real Men Avoid Single Mothers’ – detailing 15 reasons why men should not date single mothers. It’s got people talking. Read below and tell us what you think…(If you’re a single mother, you won’t like this..:-(

1. Never Available YOU are NOT a priority. Usually in a relationship the man winds up DEAD LAST. Behind, her kids, her job, the car, the kitchen sink, the stopped up toilet. Even the dog gets

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