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GOGOS in dire need of condoms

GOGOS in Eastern Cape say they are in dire need of condoms – but not for sex.

They use them for their sore joints!

The gogos and madalas in Alice, Eastern Cape don’t fetch the condoms themselves from the clinics, but send their grandkids.

Khanyisa Papu,…

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'Online Lover Stole My Car After Having Se.x With Me'

CONNIE works very hard and spends most of her free time at home.

However, she wanted a man and organised to meet up with a guy named Jacky. She met him on a dating site called Badoo.

This turned out to be a huge…

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What Are Those White Bumps Under The D!CK Head?

Many men are concerned when they see things on the skin of their PENlS. The first thing that comes to mind is that they may possibly have a s3xually transm!tted disease. However, what if you are not s3xually active or you carefully…

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Meet the Soweto man who sleeps with 20 women a day

We recently caught up with Jabulani Luthuli, a self-acclaimed ladies king from Soweto.  For everyone else passing by from the street, his house is just like any other shack in the neighborhood. Get a little closer and observe for a short while, however,…

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Solar eclipse to bring dim morning to Johannesburg‚ ring of fire to Tanzania

South Africans will get to witness a partial solar eclipse on Thursday‚ with those in Johannesburg getting the best view.

According to Nasa‚ the moon will pass in front of the sun on Thursday – producing a ring of fire in the sky for…

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